Malvern Kitchen and Addition

We always a love a break from the usual interior condo renovations, and we had the opportunity to do a kitchen addition in Malvern. The family was looking for an update to a dated kitchen and layout but wasn’t quite sure what the new space could or would look like.

The original plan was taking out a wall, which every homeowner wants to do, but we challenged them to put up a wall, and it had a major impact on the floor plan and the way this family was going to grow into their home. Growing children were a focus, since the front room used to be their dining room/playroom but now they were old enough to play in the basement, leaving unused space. Originally asking to open the kitchen, we realized a 30’ run was too long, and proposed a hidden pantry, which was a huge selling point! Not only that, but we were also able to add a keg with tap for him and wine fridge for her. French doors and windows were key in brightening up that dark part of the house everyone has. We upgraded the windows with interior shades for privacy from neighbors. The left-over living space in the front of the house was turned into an office for her to make the most of the first floor. While we were there, we also updated the flooring and stair railings to a thinner handrail and metal posts. This was a super fun project, and we even had a supervisor, who not only let us know when he approved our work, but also wanted to learn and see how things were done. We love when kids and pets can get involved, with permission of course!