What We Do

General Construction

Home or business construction projects are complex endeavors that require many different trade and supply partners to bring an idea to life. Our experience in the construction industry allows us to manage all phases of a project efficiently and effectively. We take pride in our attention to detail to deliver a well-crafted finished project.

Construction Management

As a 20 year established contractor in the Philadelphia Construction Industry allows DCH Contractors to properly manage some of the most complex construction projects in a dense urban environment.

Pre Construction

All successful projects start with an idea and a plan. During the design phase of the project there are many unknown and lingering questions. Let DCH Contractors be a part of your design team from the first idea to leverage our experience in the most effective way to build your next project.

Design Services

We offer services from alternate layouts for the way you live in your home, to storage tips and tricks to help cluttered cabinets, and everything in between. Function is first and foremost when thinking about design and the way you want to live in your new space.

Custom Carpentry

All homes require a unique solution to the project- whether that be a custom work space, a closet for your special hobby, a display for the items you acquire on your travels, or the special kitchen cabinet that needs to fill the odd space.