Media Cottage

Originally contacted to update a client’s city kitchen, she made a last-minute move out of the city and into the suburbs of Media, and what a vision she had! No white kitchens were allowed, copper was a must, as well as lighting and storage.

This was another fun renovation, with unusual requests, such as taking out a window and installing a custom copper hood. It was so fun incorporating non-conventional design elements into such a tiny space to make a greater impact. As a single woman with lots of kids and grandchildren, this kitchen needed to be durable and hold all the snacks. Since this neighborhood doesn’t have gas, we installed an induction cooktop which acts like a gas stove and upgraded to a double oven/microwave combo. This cottage was one of the first houses built in media, and we wanted to keep the charm by adding in traditional elements such as the herringbone flooring in a brick tile and upgraded the cabinets with a beaded inlay. As a self-proclaimed plant lover, we added a deep marble shelf at the window over the sink so there’s room for more plants, or décor depending on the season!